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The Holidays are upon us!

One of the best gifts for young children is a picture book. Picture books can be enjoyed on many levels. They provide the perfect opportunity to read to your child. Children also love to make up their own stores based on the pictures. Older children can read picture books to their younger siblings and friends.

"There's a Mouse on My Head!" is about a young boy with a big imagination. At the dinner table he tries to convince his grandmother to feed his peas to his toy mouse. The grandmother and little sister play along with his game. But when imagination runs wild and the peas hit the cat bowl, it's bedtime for mouse.

Check out "There's a Mouse on My Head!" The books come in hard cover for $14.99 and soft cover for $9.99. All the books in our ETSY shop are signed by the author Donna Warwick and the Illustrator Dayne Sislen.

Our ETSY shop is called GLASS PEN PRESS here is the link.

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